Demo Submission

We’re currently looking for new and emerging artists. Send us your demos.

We’re not your typical label where you send a demo, wait weeks in anticipation just to get knocked back and told you’re not good enough, or your track isn’t what they’re looking for – or even worse receive no response at all.

We are an artist collective. If your track meets our minimum criteria, we will release it on our label. Once you’re on our label, you become part of the family.

If your track doesn’t meet our minimum criteria, we will offer assistance to get your track ready for release, including guiding you on what to change and even having our artists and engineers work on your track for you to make sure it’s a high-quality audio track that is release ready.

Submit your demo’s here

Minimum standards for release

Our minimum standards are listed below, if your track doesn’t fit these standards and we like your music, we can work with you to achieve those standards. We offer stem mixing, mastering and advice.

  • 16 or 24 bit Wav at 44,100Hz
  • Clean and clear mix
  • Musically sound
  • EDM Style music (House, D&B, Breaks, Electro, Trance, etc)
  • You must have full copyright
  • Original material